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A comprehensive individualized rehabilitative approach


We all have different performance needs. Let us help you develop or progress your inner athlete.


An innovative tool to optimize movement and decrease pain.


For when the main focus is restoration and preparation.



Dr. Brian LeRiche's main focus is to help you RAISE your standards, REDEFINE your limits, and successfully REACH your goals.


-Don B.

Brian is an impressive therapist. He has a passion for fitness and thorough knowledge of human movement and its relationship to strength and conditioning. He is a specialist at teaching PRI, a health system based on the natural asymmetries of the human body. After embracing a lifestyle change that incorporated PRI exercises prescribed by Brian, my lower back pain is gone! I would highly recommend Brian—simply the best!

-Caroline P.

I was looking for a coach who would really focus on my particular needs, and get to the heart of what was causing my greatest mobility issues.  Brian LeRiche has far exceeded my expectations. From our first conversation I knew that Brian would have the commitment I was looking for, but I never knew how PRI would finally be what changed my life. His knowledge and application of PRI techniques to my specific needs has given me mobility and function I haven’t had in years. The pain in my knees is significantly reduced, my back is stronger, and I’m starting to move more than ever. I’m more aware of what I do and how I do it. Since working with Brian he’s given me so much to look forward to each day and such great enthusiasm to want to do more — something I haven’t felt in years.  In addition, his text messages checking-in and words of encouragement also go a long way!  I would strongly recommend taking the time to get to know Brian and PRI!  

-Tim S.

Brian is not your average coach. I find him to be uniquely knowledgeable of the human body and body mechanics. The majority of coaches I've encountered seem to approach fitness/rehab with a "class" mentality. Most of them, run everyone through the same set of exercises in the same way.  Brian approaches fitness with the awareness that no two bodies are alike. He knows how to identify and accommodate for body asymmetry that demands varying methods to achieve the correct results. For years I have had issues with my back. Brian's knowledge and use of PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) along with strength training, helped me achieve a degree of flexibility and fitness that I have not had for years. He created a set of custom exercises that helped strengthen my particular weaknesses. He kept me away from popular exercise methodologies that would have actually done more harm than good in the long run. I remain impressed with his ability to identify issues and provide specific exercises that isolate individual muscles that helped bring symmetry and wholeness back to my body. My professional life includes evaluating and hiring technical staff. One of the things I always look for is whether an individual is a lifelong learner. Do they spend even their spare time learning more about their profession? Brian is one of the people in the fitness world that does. He's passionate... not just about strength and fitness but the long-term health of each individual. If you are looking for a better approach to health and fitness for your individual body, I highly recommend Brian for the task.


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