• Brian LeRiche

Two Common Hip Thrust Mistakes

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

The Hip Thrust can be a great hinging exercise when done correctly. Although more commons errors could be mentioned, we’ll focus on the initiation and finish of the movement.

1. Insufficient Pre-Tension: Typically, the movement is simply “just started,” and there is a lack of preparation. When training for explosive power, look to reset each rep. Imagine someone is counting down from 5 to 1. During each second your hips should be gradually putting more upward tension into the bar. Once “one” is reached, you should be at a near maximal isometric contraction (pre-tension). In one explosive motion, extend your hips.

*Note: Typically, people allow a small amount of downward motion upon movement, when the bar pathway should actually be travelling upwards.

2. Improper Lockout (Exaggerated on Video): The subtle mistake of allowing a downward motion at the top of the movement can be costly on the lumbar spine over time. In addition, you lose the bang for your buck as the primary mover (glutes) are now not being maximally challenged/utilized. Instead, sustain glute activation throughout the range of motion and stop the bar in an instant.

*Note: Try to become more self-aware of the bar and motion at the lockout position. Zero low back should be felt during this exercise


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