• Brian LeRiche

Crowned Circumstances

People often place a "crown" on their circumstances. This crown is symbolic to their daily actions toward what they believe to be their defining conditions. These imposed beliefs can affect how we think, communicate, and act. The beliefs can be positive or negative, but more importantly, they can be challenged and changed. Let's look at a familiar example to show how you can change your circumstances to change your life.

Weight loss is a common goal for those who are working out. In the beginning, motivation levels are high and most feel unstoppable. However, when individuals don't get the result they're looking for, they feel frustrated and usually quit. When this repeatedly happens, they create excuses to justify this situation and, in turn, "crown their circumstance." Common examples include:

  • "I'm big boned, I was born that way."

  • "I have a slow metabolism."

  • "I've tried everything, nothing works for me."

From their lack of results, they repeatedly tell themselves (consciously or subconsciously) these excuses to provide a false sense of explanation. The problem is, your actions are a direct output from the input of ideas placed into your conscious or subconscious mind. Furthermore, the specific results you achieve are the transition of your thoughts into a reality. Still confused? Check out the example below.

Circumstance: A belief they can't lose weight because of X, Y, Z excuses repeatedly placed in the conscious or subconscious mind.

Actions: Insufficient workouts, poor eating habits, or sedentary lifestyle from believing circumstances.

Results: Failed weight loss from incorrect and inconsistent actions.

So, you now better understand the correlation between circumstances, actions, and results. Additionally, you understand how many people "crown" their circumstances.

Well... how do we fix it?

The solution, while it may take time and dedication to implement, it's a very simple formula. Just remember, the solution is usually not achieved until we increase our understanding and awareness of the true problem. This consists of changing our beliefs which creates the desired circumstance. Now, let's look at how this can be managed in our weight loss example.

New Beliefs/New Circumstances: The belief they WILL lose weight.

New Actions: More consistent/intense workouts, active lifestyle, healthy nutrition habits.

New Results: Weight loss.

The new results begin to reveal the TRUTH — they CAN lose weight.

In reality, the outcome was always there, waiting to be achieved. However, it remained dormant until the correct circumstance was brought into the conscious and subconscious mind, which then has a snow ball effect on their actions and results.

This is just one example that can demonstrate how these principles can be applied. Luckily, this approach can be utilized in ANY area of your life that you feel needs improvement. I challenge you to ask yourself if you are:

a) crowning your circumstance

b) creating habits that aren't aligned with your goals

c) receiving results that you don't want

If so, write them down.

Map out how you will change your mindset to create new circumstance.

Determine specific actions that reflect the circumstance.

Achieve your desired results.

You have the steps, what are you waiting for?

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