• Brian LeRiche

Shut Your Lats DOWN!

Tight Lats?!


When people have tightness in their back, they tend to relay on static stretching. While this has its time and place, it's typically executed with a poor rib cage position (flared), forced motion, and ultimately a brain that fights back.

Instead, teach the system proper movement while inhibiting (stretching) the lats. The proper non-compensatory position will allow you to optimally stretch the muscles. Follow these easy steps:

1. Posterior Pelvic Tilt (flaten the back): This should be done with the abdominal muscles and not a FORCED motion.

2. Breathe: Rib Cage should come down and abdominals should further contract

3. Reach Back (weight not necessary): Instead of just lowering your arms behind your head, think of reaching away from you as you lower your arms.

4. Maintain Position: Sustain the downward ribs while inhaling and exhaling.

Note: Good breathing, rib position, and abdominal contraction should lead to an enhanced lat stretch.

*Take Home Message: Let the system (brain) turn down the tone on the hyperactive muscle, instead of forcing a stretch. The system ALWAYS WINS!

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