• Brian LeRiche

The Posterior Mediastinum - What Should We Know About it?

The "posterior mediastinum," or the area between the pericardium and vertebral column, tends to become extremely limited in motion. This limited motion stems from a combination of poor postural habits, chronically tight musculature, dysfunctional breathing, and compensatory adaption patterns in our every day life. As a result, it leaves us with the inability to expand this area for proper inhalation. In this video I discuss a quick exercise that can be used to "open up" the posterior mediastinum in hopes to increase respiratory capacity.

In addition, this exercise will also help with the following:

-Improve awareness of proper "core activation" (rib internal rotation through breathing)

-Inhibit tight lats

-Loosen the commonly tight external rotators

-Allow non-compensatory thoracic extension (t-spine extension through proper rib cage/abdominal-pelvic position)

-Inhibit tight triceps

Key Cues:

1. Posterior pelvic tilt to engage abs and EXHALE for proper synchronization

2. Increase External Rotation = Press Elbows IN

3. Increase Thoracic Extension = Elbows UP

4. Maintain Elbows Up & Elbows In and INHALE

5. Thoracic Expansion = AIR pushing the upper back towards the ceiling (relative to the exercise position)

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