• Brian LeRiche

What's the Optimal Training Split?

Well, it’s near impossible for me to tell you what the “optimal” training split/rest day(s) is for YOU, without knowing your goals, past injuries, and movement dysfunctions. However, there can be a general philosophy to apply for EVERYONE in regards to rest days (which shapes your overall training split).

Listen to your body!

Try not to get regimented on taking the same X, Y, and Z day off from the gym. Instead, actually listen to your body…it’s telling you what to do!

1. Why force the workout when you’re extremely sore? (Further damage, decreased results)

2. Why force yourself when you’re completely unmotivated? (Increase Injury potential, It will be a bad workout)

3. Why do you lack results, even when you’re putting the time into the gym? (You’re not listening to your body!)

I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I’m all for dedication, intensity, and consistency when in the gym/fitness lifestyle. The overall point is not to tell you to workout less, but gain more self-awareness. Remember, nothing good happens in the gym. We break our bodies down with the correct exercise intensity and rebuild them through proper nutrition & recovery. Through listening to your body, learn to understand when it’s time to push and when it’s time to rest.

This may lead to an “asymmetrical” workout schedule (4,5,6 days/week workout), but better hormonal synchronicity, workouts, and results!

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