Functional Personal Training

Weight Loss? Beginner in the gym? Looking to improve body composition? LRP functional personal training will guide you to a healthier life! What is the difference between functional personal training and the typical personal training? The main difference is that you achieve your health and fitness goals while learning to move and breathe better. The enhanced movements allow you to decrease pain, achieve your goals faster, and improve your overall quality of life! 

Online Coaching

Don't need the accountability, but aren't sure what to do in the gym? Online coaching from LRP is the perfect option! This online approach is different compared to other online trainers. With this option, you receive individualized workouts that are customized based off your assessment. Every exercise comes with an instructional video to ensure you understand why the given exercise will benefit you and how to correctly perform the movement. LRP online coaching takes the guess work out and allows you to achieve your goals!

Nutrition Coaching

Let LeRiche Rehab & Performance teach you the what, when, and why's when it comes to nutrition. We will simplify the frequently complicated subject. This is not a calorie counting approach, but an integrated learning experience that will help you feel more confident with your daily food selections.


People move with dysfunctional & asymmetrical patterns. While this might not yet cause pain, it creates compensation. These compensation points decrease our performance,  wear down joints, and ultimately lead to injury. Postural Restoration methods allows LeRiche Rehab & Performance to identify these unwanted patterns to establish non-compensatory movement, athleticism, and enhance functionality while diminishing pain.

Athletic Movement Performance

Athleticism begins with appreciating, understanding, and executing multi-directional movement. Failing to comprehend these principles leads to sub-optimal performance and presumable injury. LeRiche Rehab & Performance will systematically develop movement competency that includes: power, strength, speed, agility, and coordination.

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